Micro stories

Life otherwise


It was already dark for good. Zoe was walking down the main avenue. A few more meters separated her from her home, an imposing one, but modern building that stood at the end of the busy street. The size, but also its architecture, they made it stand out from the surrounding houses. The twelve-year-old girl walked with a quick step …

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I do not forget…


I don't forget that wound,Open for a year,I don't forget the new voices that are silenced by pain in ruins. I don't forget the word "mom",It was gone in just a moment,I do not forget the number 57, Which is still suffocating with envy. 57 roses sprouted,Red me 28 thorns,Weep and the stars that were not spared,But they messed up 57 loves... She is also crying …

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Chimera keepsake


Ambiguous oracles we anxiously sought from a Pythia with her mouth drugged. We accepted their choice of the best version and started for a fight that seemed fair. For a fair race that grandees were exclaiming. For an Ithaca dressed in white. For a barking vision that called for us to take responsibility for it. We obeyed the call of Sirens …

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Hell-heaven. A love road


In the depths of the night,in her repulsive silence,loneliness is suffocating me,and traps me mercilessly’ a world without light,p’ a cold world. I'm desperately searching for the light,the warmth of love. Alone I walk the streets of despair,with my arms empty,my heart dark,my mind lost. Looking for a hug,voice that speaks sweetly to me,hands waiting for me,eyes that see me. …

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The music box


In this colorful old box,a small figure pops out, tiredness is taking its toll,since he did not find, what is she looking for… Little beauty, p’ everyone dear,for this, this grace she projects,for t’ if he lives, I will’ you were saying, he does not doubt(;),but always’ closed surface! However, now they have forgotten her,he lives as a slave, but they have forgotten her,she is alone in complete darkness... And just, …

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