B’ EPAL Kalavryton

A special (mainly thanks to you) year for us has unfortunately come to an end…
One of the few professors who brought life to the lesson with the radio station at 5 first minutes of the course on webex, with imaginary reality through balance sheets in accounting, with the warehouses we designed and only never built in logistics, by learning to apply market research to our everyday marketing, with the reminders of the flow method of the M.O., with the incredible scores because of Gri-Gri's sweets (before viewing the bill), with the bride's dress we never saw, with the <> arrangement with Yasir, with the improbable witchcraft outside the classroom with the help of the stinking woman and with the telling of various stories that taught us not to act without thinking, it's YOU.
We were very lucky to have you on our way and we hope to see you again in the classroom next year and to experience this difficult year that is coming with more and better moments with you!
Keep inspiring your students and have a HAPPY, restful SUMMER, renewal and with many rides with your bike (always with care)!

The wasteful wife of the businessman (B. Joanna)
The green mask of the surgeon (B. John)
Tsouvelas vol 2 (M. Constantine)
The secret accomplice (M. Vassiliki)
The ghost student (S. Constantine)
The diligent first desk (T. Danae)
THE <> (A. Yasir)

2nd EPAL of Kalavryton

Mr. Gabriel Entering your page

Mr. Gabriel

Entering your page I was excited. Your short stories are really amazing ,outstanding,unique,which arouse the reader's interest ..And if all this sounds too much.I will tell you something to convince you.I have never read a book or a simple text in a magazine other than textbooks.(I DO NOT EXCEED AT ALL) and yet reading the titles ,I was immediately interested in reading and following the texts. Congratulations and I wish from the bottom of my heart to continue your creative works with the same inspiration and dedication. Continue to write so well. I will not hide my enthusiasm and pleasant surprise for the How beautifully you wrote. One short story better than the other. The one I liked the most was a little above “A WALK IN PARIS” .I wish you and I believe that your first book will come soon will be the beginning of a long and creative writing journey. You can do it as a hobby. But apart from being a good teacher and a special person, you also have an extra talent to write wonderfully. I am proud of you for your energy and for how many things you are eager to do. I wish you the best because you deserve every success in everything,for what you do in your life .

Congratulations !!!It is an honor for all of us to be among us and to be active in writing, a young man, sensitive and creative person like you, Mr. Constantine. PS to chase your dreams. We miss you very much!!!Do not forget us!!!!I wish you all the best for your journey!!we will say the same in Patras, of course!!!Cu soon.🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

Angeliki S.

Thank you very much, Mr. Gabriel

Mr. Gabriel, thank you very much for being with us all this time. We appreciate you very much . Good luck , the children of A EPAL KALAVRITA . Happy Summer!!!🥰

Athena K..

Mr. Gabriel, you are a great one

Mr. Gabriel, you are an excellent teacher who helped us in one of our most difficult years. Not only you help us with your complete and organized material, that we use it even in university, but you also helped us psychologically in an unstable and bad period of our lives. You were there both as a teacher and as a friend. You calmed us down even when we were fighting each other ( <img draggable="false" role="img" class="emoji" alt="😛" src=""> ). Thank you for everything! I wish you all the best for your journey.

Domna D.

Dear Mr. Constantine I wanted to

Dear Mr. Constantine
I wanted to write you a 'thank you' letter, Since I am graduating from school, I felt that my mission as a student was not completed. With all due respect to you I owe you I would like to mention some special thanks. Before I say anything ,I would like to apologize for all the times I should have been more careful. I sincerely appreciate your work and how amazing person you are. Mr. Constantine, if there was a Nobel Prize for the best teacher, you would take it!!! Thank you for teaching me lessons, that I will carry on the journey of my life and you gave me school memories that I will cherish forever. Thank you for being one of the most wonderful teachers who will live forever in the minds and hearts of the students whose hearts you have touched.. Thank you also for all the wisdom you shared and you were a brilliant example of hard work. Thank you for being an inspiration. I do not know where did you find the patience ,the energy to manage all of us every day. Thank you for the smile you always have on your face. Only a teacher like you could make the school tolerable ,the lessons likable and the goals achievable . One million thanks. Sincerely ,a grateful schoolgirl who can not find words to express all her gratitude!!!

Angeliki S..

With the same passion…

I wish you health, happiness, love, creation, smile and optimism near your home and your own people… Thank you for what you did for us, good continuity to the school year but also in your offer in education. I hope you continue to work with the same passion… We will all remember you…

Anastasia T..

Every end comes with a beginning

Every end comes with a beginning. For each door that closes a new one opens!!! You may not understand it, but these two years we have loved you very much and you have acted as a catalyst in our thinking. I wish you a good start, health, happiness, love, power, smile, optimism and whatever else you desire! We do not say goodbye… We will miss you! CU you again!

Costas M..

Friendly, calm and beautiful

Mr. Gabriel, these two years have been amazing and wonderful! Unlike our other teachers, you were much friendlier, calm and beautiful! I wish you in your new job a better time than you had with us and at the end everything will evolve better than you expected! With love, your student

Marichrysa M..

We are not bored

Mr. Gabriel, Thank you for offering us these 2 years, We had a great time with you and there was no time to get bored. I wish you a good career and always be well!! We will miss you very much!!! 😭

Petroula N..

The best and most fun

We will miss you very much. The moments with you were very beautiful. Your lesson was the best and most fun. Thank you for everything! I hope you are always οκ. With love and wishes

Aspasia P.

I hope he/she is not strict with us

Mr. Gabriel…! In one hand, I am very glad that you are going to teach somewhere near your home, near your family, which is something very important! On the other hand, I am very sad that you will leave and leave us in the middle of the year… Nevertheless I wish you the best, everything to go well with your new job and with your life in general. We will definitely miss you… I hope to meet you someday… Come and see us sometimes… And tell the new one to be good and not to be strict with us “:-)”… That's all I had to say!! I wish you all the best again in every aspect of your life… Always be well ..! P.S.: I must have done spelling mistakes but it does not matter, the wishes count. P.S.2: I wanted to know, where would you go...!?just now, while I am writing these to you… M. . says the lesson while Marios fell from the chair… And you leave and you will miss all these nice things that happen here! We will miss you very much. With joy, sadness and love… your student

Maria P..

We were your company

Mr. Gabriel, After two years you leave. We will miss you very much. We tortured you but we had a very good relationship. We were your company as you say. I wish you a good career and I hope you do not forget us. Come and see us sometime. -With love and appreciation.

Angeliki T..

2 wonderful years

I wholeheartedly wish you the best for your new beginning! It was 2 wonderful years. May you continue to work with the same passion and the same fun. You taught us a lot inside and outside the course… We already miss you! With love and appreciation…

Angeliki N..

I do not tell it often for teachers

Mr. Gabriel, I am very glad that you will continue your life and you will be better there where you will go, in many working areas, although you will not teach! You made a very good lesson and I do not say that often for my teachers. I was never really interested in political education as a subject, but you gave it your own charm, you made it interesting, ok i may not be so careful but what i wanted and needed to know, i learned it because of you. I will miss you very much! We will talk to Patras from now on! Your favorite, beautiful and clever, future prosecutor Filakia!💓

Vasiliki P..

I'm glad for the change

I would rather get away from the style of my classmates and write something special since looking like the masses is unacceptable. You made me interested in a course that I was sure would be nothing special which means you have an awesome talent as a teacher. I can say that we had a good time together, although not everything went according to plan, for example. the presentation of the scratch that objectively speaking was a disaster. I did not know beyond the school how you are doing and when you spoke to me my first thought was that I should have fired you from the first year we had you. I'm very happy about this change you have decided to make although I feel quite bad that you will leave. I hope socialism prevails and works 5 hours at most a day PS. if tomorrow you see me hiding or something like the previous days is because I do not like these last moments
your beloved Radical-progressive-smart- handsome- worthy successor of the EAM -red army -of the anti-Nazis-of the Vietcong of the Serbian guerrillas of the Athenians and the gravity of the Cuban revolution a spiritual descendant of Che and a very revolutionary

Orestis P..

Do not take it personally

… I wish you all the best for your new beginning. We were all very upset that you will leave, me too. I may have talked a liiiiiittle more but do not take it personally… I do it to everyone hahaha… Bad habits are not easy to cut. (Anyway…) nevertheless I want from my heart that everything will go wonderfully from now on and that your life begins to move forward again exactly as you want… We already miss you very much… With love!!

Mariza P..

The world is ruined!

Mr. Gabriel, …Although we had a relationship that I was the bad one, now everything is over. You were one of my favorite teachers and you will continue to be even though you will be (a little bit) away from us… 🙁. I'm a little upset, ok very much.. that you are leaving but I understand that it is for your good! After I cried the evil 😉, imagine, spoiled the world! I wish you a good start there and never forget us 💓 -your beloved student

Dimitra P..

Where you will find worse;

Mr. Gabriel, At first, where you will find worse; i imagine that nowhere. Thank you for all the hilarious moments you gave us and for what you taught us. I wish you a good start and always the best for you… I hope you find what you are looking for and do not forget us so easily You will miss us all and I am sure you will miss Mr. Trimi more…. <img draggable="false" role="img" class="emoji" alt="😛" src="">

Angeliki M..

That you leave us;

Sir! Where are you going; That you leave us; I wish you all the best, always be well and smile! Thank you for everything you have offered me and believe me it is too much!! I will see you in Patras!! Infidel Babi!! <3

Dimitra M..

We had a good time

Mr. Gabriel, we will miss you very much, I hope the choice you make turns out to be good 💓 You are a very good teacher and you have done a very good job all this time 💓 We love you very much💓 * Thank you also for the time you gave us, we had a great time in your lesson 💓 I am very happy for the choice you made I hope you have a good time💓

Maria P..

I hope everything goes great

I wish you all a wonderful development every day of your life and to continue the flawless work. Always smile

Sissy M..

We will miss you

We will miss you

Giota S..

Good career

Sir, we wish you a good career, we will miss you very much and always have a good time…

Giannis R.. Κωνσταντίνος Τ.

I feel lucky

Sir, I wholeheartedly wish you good luck in everything you do and every success. I feel lucky to have had you as a teacher and thank you for that (almost) two wonderful years!!! We will miss you very much!!!

Dimitra Ch. Ioanna Ch.

Aman sir where are you going;

Aman sir where are you going; Come back!!! What can I tell you sir?. We will miss you very much. May you find even better children than us. I know exaggerations! I wish you health, love and bring you joys and successes in your life!! With love. Come back! Where are you going; Ts Ts Ts Ts Ts! Thank you sir! Good luck!

Argyris Ch.

You put me 16

I, Mr. Scratch, did it myself and you put it on me 16 I will remember you will miss me.

Anastasia T..

Thanks for the time we spent together

Sir, have a good time, we will miss you having a good start, thanks for the time we spent together. Always happy and happy!!! Υ. C. Do not forget to eat skewers in Aigio.

Αργυρώ Σ. Elena S..

Great weather with you

Sir you will miss us very much… I wish you joy, happiness, health and whatever else you desire… It was wonderful weather with you, I hope you miss us too! Good career…

Tatiana T..

You made us more careful

I wholeheartedly wish you all the best. With patient, power & Courage. (mainly patience) Thank you very much for everything you have given us, especially for the fact that we are careful (quotes). Good luck in your school year sir! We will miss you!

Katerina T..

When you love, afflicted

Sir we spent two years together which were wonderful. You showed us a lot through your creative lesson which each time was wonderful, interesting and better and that is because you yourself are a very interesting and so wonderful person. The truth is that sometimes I broke your nerves but as they say when you love someone you hurt them. You are one of the best teachers who have taught us and we have had a wonderful time with them. At least as a student I love you and I will never forget you. I wish you the best in your life from now on and have a great time. Good career. From your loved ones

Christos T..

It reminded me of you

Last Sunday, I had gone to the theater “my beautiful lady” as part of Mr. Dritsa's trip. The truth is that he touched me and reminded me of you. The protagonist in the play, he was a poor man, illiterate girl selling flowers, to make a living. He wanted to work in a flower shop, but he did not know how to speak the language properly and would resent it. This fact, instead of making her a loser, motivated her to take lessons from a linguist, to achieve its goal. Through her relentless efforts, managed to get into the best salons in England. She did not stop fighting to achieve her goals, that's why it reminded me of you. When I was looking at you talking about the problem you have here in Xylokastro, I admired your character and your mental strength. I wholeheartedly wish you to become the person you desire, with more experiences and knowledge. Good career, and remember: every end and a new beginning. I'll miss you!

Nancy M..

Very pleasant…

Mr. Gabriel… These are two years… We loved you. The lesson with you was very enjoyable as we waited for this time to come. Nevertheless, you are leaving us. I wish you from the bottom of my heart that everything goes well for you on the path you have chosen! Always be well and visit us. We will miss you very much.

Stefani R..