The tavern of Albert (C)

The tavern of Albert - the old man
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Part (C) – The second part here

Albert's vision, with queues outside the store, it was a reality though not exactly as he imagined it. Of course there were those who wanted to book a seat at a table. While others wanted to know about the infamous ring. But behind, some groups of people were talking or shouting, and with sly glances they looked at Albert's tavern. There was a pervasive concern.

It seems that some people considered the dilemma of eating in his tavern to get the ring blackmailing.. Some "others", even more capricious, they considered it extortionate to wear a piece of jewelry forever. Albert gritted his teeth again, looking behind the window of his tavern… But can't they see that with one shot many advantages; Excellent food. Freedom of movement and good relations with the mayor. Identity built into them without losing it. Five pennies guaranteed with this poverty… What else do they want now; Bring them up to his shop by force;

The gendarmes had formed a line outside Albert's shop to prevent any deviation from the order. There were generally quite a few people in the city, in various places because the riots had intensified. It seems that the "others" were divided into two categories. Those who protested and made incidents and those who immigrated.

Among this crowd of people talking, shouting, sometimes cursing, Fendia looked confused... Her appointment was scheduled, by Albert's employees, to eat this time too. She had noticed that lately she was hungry more often and very intensely. She was trying to figure out exactly what was happening to her, since she was so confident about modern food, that it did not occur to her that they were responsible for anything. She had just heard Albert explain, and then her questions were answered. It is the fault of the "others" who did not eat in the tavern, but in their home. And only their presence, they made her feel hungry. She had started to accuse them in her companies as well…

Fedia was a young brunette waitress who loved her profession. It gave her great pleasure to serve customers and to leave the store she worked in happy every time. She was one of the first to rush to eat Albert's delicacies. Because of the fear of hunger, but also because the admiration for the new recipes, they lead her to the doorstep of the famous tavern owner. She even considered it her duty to be one of the first to try, since she was already working as a waitress in taverns and bars.

But this obligation with the ring made her think again. She remembered her grandfather's words, which she greatly appreciated, and told her to always remain free in her life to choose. Her grandfather had fought the conqueror and considered human freedom as the highest good. The ring, although with many facilities, it was finally predetermining her way of life, such as her food choices. On the other hand, of course, to stand out and have more rights, it was something that lifted her inside and made her feel good. After all, if you are law-abiding, what do you have to fear?;

Absorbed in her thoughts, she walked with her head bowed and moved away from the others… The time she had booked to dine, approaching dangerously and she had to decide what to do. Suddenly, a trembling though loud voice, interrupted her thoughts:

– “With your head held high you think better…”

Fendia was surprised, she raised her head and looked to the side where the voice was heard. Sitting on a bench, a pretty old gentleman, with a long beard and a cane, was smiling at her.

– “Yes, maybe… but better to look down so as not to stumble…” the young girl answered humorously though somewhat reluctantly…

– “To stumble is human… To get up divine… To stay down, satanic…”

– “Haha, good…” replied Fendia, with a somewhat fake laugh, thinking that the old man wanted a conversation and she had no time at all.

As if guessing her thought, the old gentleman asked her:

– “What worries you my daughter; Maybe it's easier than you think…”

The waitress had no mood at all to explain, but her eyes fell on the old man's hands, who was not wearing the infamous ring.

– “I see you are not wearing a ring…”

– “I do not think that fits on me, my daughter…”

– “You know I'm skeptical about that either…”

– “Worried about if it fits on you; It depends on what type you are... You choose freedom or security;”

– “Why, i can have both, right;”

– “It could, but the order of choice matters…”

– What do you mean?;

– “One thing is for sure. That if you choose security first you will lose your freedom…”

For Fedia it was not what he wanted to hear. she was selfish enough to admit she was wrong and even more so, to admit she was scary. Nevertheless, she almost cried out to her, involuntarily:

– “Yes, but… I did not want to starve…”

– “And are you often hungry;”

– “No… But everywhere they talked about the hungry and…”

The strange old man interrupted her and told her:

– “You know, evil is obliged to state its intentions;”

Fendia was a little surprised, she looked at him strangely. She had never connected evil with what was happening. The old man continued:

– “You did not read that modern food was in a trial stage;”

– “Yes, I knew it, but…. Albert has the best chefs…”

– “So good, to choose your health in relation to their own benefit;”

– “I did not mean good in the chara... ooo... anyway, this is not the issue…” replied the young girl, slightly annoyed and hurried…

– “Dont you think that with the ring you will lose much of your freedom;”, continued the old man.

– “Yes, but… it has so many facilities… I like to belong somewhere… Not to be like the "others"… Then I follow the laws, I have nothing to fear…” Fendia answered somewhat hesitantly.

– “The legal and the illegal, my daughter, change position depending on the identity of the master. But remember that the power of evil is limited without our consent…”

Fendia, remembered her grandfather talking to her about evil and the eternal battle with good and all these metaphysical. But in recent years she found them somewhat outdated and old-fashioned… But this memory of her grandfather and the way the old man said it, with so much meekness and confidence, made her feel an emotion. But at the same time she wanted to get rid of them from her mind. She was in a state of denial. She did not want to admit that she was deceived. She did not want to think that she was to blame for her choices and not the "others" who left the city with their bowls on their shoulders.

But the old man continued:

– “Because of your knowledge that you taste trial foods, you may end up starving more and more. If now with your will you are trapped, you will also suffer the consequences…”

– “I respect you sir, I do not know your name… But I can not guess about the conversations behind my back, nor can I imagine dragons… I have grown up now…”

– “Do not be afraid of what is done in secret, they will not succed very well, but be carefull for what is happening before your eyes. And you will see them clearly, when you clean the clouds that created by your weaknesses… Selfishness, fear, pride… Remember that the level of consensus also determines our share of responsibility…”

The last sentence was heard louder than the others. or so it seemed to her. Fendia, had started to feel very uncomfortable with the conversation and was impatient… She was looking for a way to interrupt it… She was looking around nervously, but also behind the sitting old man… A large bunch of people were leaving in the background, at the crossroad, at a brisk pace… These "others", the curious with the little bowls.

Suddenly her eyes widened... She spotted a figure very reminiscent of her grandfather. She observed carefully, as the figure moved away, that he had the same gait and stature. She started running towards him… As she approached, she made sure he was him. Panting as she was, she yells at him and falls into his arms. They talk for a while… She returns to greet the old man. He had disappeared. She was a little puzzled, but her grandfather, pulled her by the sleeve to move on. They lost in a hug at the end of the road, together with the "others"…

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