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Microstories social networks
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– “Yes, he is in social networks… I sent you his fb account, log in and see what kind of guy he is… You will learn everything about him in 10 Minutes... If you like him, I will bring you in contact with him...”

– “Yes just a mom… eh eh eh is written with y or u; Oh yes… i found him… Hmmm… Nice smile…”

– “Um oh yes… it's good but it has its filter you know…”

– “Ok Studies I see… and postgraduate; The man is well educated…”

– “Yes yes… But sometimes, when he was bored, that is almost always, he gave the work to others to do for him… haha, what else did I remember now… In the amphitheater during the exams, a system was nailed with a rope under the bench that hung a powder and by pulling it went back and forth throughout the bench…”

– “Hahahaha, it reminds me of slums in Calabria I had been to. The way the clothes are spread with a rope tied from one house to another is the same… Anyway do not waste time… Let me see… hmmm he deals with outdoor activities I see… the man has done sky diving; Planes, I see parachutes… I wish he will not pull me to fall from 1 one kilometer height...; Last time I asked her, my mother loved me…”

– “No, you idiot, don't worry… His friend had gone and he went for company… Only selfie at the airport he took…”

– “ok ok… hmmm what else... what else... well; he listens nightwish; it surprises me...”

– “Basically he listens traditional music, but they had given him a double cd as a gift, he listened to it once and uploaded it… I do not think he would enjoy a concert in Germany that you dream of… Maybe a traditional singer, nothing more…”

– “Pffff and I thought that… Anyway... i guess some books he writes in favorites he hasn't even opened them…”

– “Come on...he has read a couple of them… Besides most of the books write the summary on the cover… hahaha”

– “Yes, yes, I see 1500 friends, Okay, I will assume that he accepts everything that moves and not an advantage of sociability… Fortunately you know him closely and you told me what about him because our skin has been burned from social networks… In the end, Giannis is not a bad choice at all... See ya crazy, the big brother show is going to start, bye…”

– “But you are completely stupid; Where did you read these?;”

– “I read them on fb... I watch news at least one hour a day if you want to know…”

– “And you think you are properly and comprehensively informed;”

– “Yes, fine… news coming from various sites… And checked by Fast Checkers…”

– “And who pays the Checkers, moron;”

– “The fb of course…”

– “And you do not see a conflict of interest; The one who shows you the news, he pays those who control the news; And just asking, those who control the news exactly what training they have;”

– “I do not know; Shall i ask for their CVs; I learn what I want to know... You do what you think and do not bother me”

– “Okay, I will do what I think… And what I think is not to talk about serious issues with you again, apolitic sheep… Ai sichtir…”

– “But I saw her on insta, grandfather…”

– “Stark naked; But they no longer respect anything on TV; There are small children who watch… where is the council that controls them;”

– “What TV, grandpa; Did you hear;;; I told you on Instagram…. I - nsta – gram.”

– “Don't shout... I heard… It irritates me to assume that I am deaf because I have my age. I thought it was a new TV brand…”

– “Hahaha, no grandpa… A social network is… Like the facebook I showed you last year but only with photos…”

– “Only with photos; Right… Why do we have to waste time; Arrogance meets lust in its raw form. Stories through the keyhole…”

– “WTF;;; What did you say;”

– “Some people like to show off, some to take a look, everyone is happy… Obviously you are in the second category after you saw her naked…”

– “Leave me alone grandpa… Everyone uploads and sees photos… you can also do stor… pffff forget it… We are not going to understan each other… It was a mistake to told you about her; What about you? You watched girls and you walked an hour to follow them;”

– “At least we were in a better physical condition… Demand for money again and I will upload a photo from fifty euros to… to… gra… how the hell did you said…”

– “What do you mean?, it is not enough that we will listen to him in the morning in class, it is not enough that we read short stories in the afternoon, now it will play stereo from about 10 socials;”

– “He says that because not everyone has all the socials he can upload in various so as not to miss a word from the masterpieces…”

– “Hahaha… Luckily he can not see if we read the stories… I will register so as not to spoil his luck and to show a good behaviour… But he does not show his face… No preview photo… Not even who are his friends, nor where he drinks, nor what he hears… Zuckerberg will pull his hair and he hasn't hair at all…”

– “Who is Zuckerberg lady; Who are you following again on insta; Anyway, I send you the microstories social networks, He made Pinterest account too.... She says it reminds him the whiteboard at school… i Cry… Hahaha, I leave you… Tomorrow before the bell tell me a summary from the last short story to tell him something so he thinks I read it… Bye”






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