Do it like the Mafia (B)

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Part (B) – The first part here

Instinctively he looked towards the man who had introduced him for some support.. He shrugged his shoulders and looked the other way… The more warm-blooded had surrounded him and as he was unarmed, the situation looked dangerous for the intellectual mobster. He took a few steps back, he mumbled two or three unintelligible words in Hebrew and with the corners of his eyes he was looking for some way out. Usually in situations like this, Bugsy was the one to slander him, his friend, but she had not traveled with him for this conference.

Fortunately for Lansky, the security men intervened at para five. Recent years, the presence of armed men had been established for this particular conference, to prevent malicious actions. The coverage of this annual meeting by the media and the rude behavior of the guests, they had made the meetings known to the general public. Only this time the security did not intervene because of some external threat or protest, but to calm the spirits within the conference.

After constant attempts at appeasement and negotiations, the delegates returned to their seats. The few minutes left until the end of the speech and the rich buffet that awaited them, stood the most basic arguments to convince. Lansky wiped the sweat from his face with his handkerchief and plucked up the courage to approach the microphone again.. Despite the great confidence that distinguished him, the tremor in his voice did not escape him as he continued his speech:

– "I'm not used to such reactions... The trust I enjoy on the other side of the Atlantic, it allows me to talk and make deals without guns and violence. Please for your patience, so that you fully understand the plan I am developing for you. It is successful and tested, while dictatorships fail. Watch Mafia How…”

– "You have offended us with your Mafia, why don't you tell us better about the Italian prosecutors who are after you now;”, the guy polishing the luger interrupted in exasperation. Forgetting very soon the patience recommended by the security men, he continued: "As if they didn't really believe it was suicide... For God's banker, I say mafioso, who was found hanged on Blackfriars Bridge, in London…”. Those who knew the case, they smiled gleefully thinking that Lansky would squirm and waited for his answer…

– "For a century we were strangers, those who said about us were the madmen of the village. And the prosecutors who exposed us were punished", Lansky apologized. And keep going, fully regaining his courage: "It was a mistake that we tried to remain completely unknown. We had to exist as a showcase that does good deeds. Something I also recommend in the plan I am developing for you. As for the banker's case, let's say one of our tentacles got scratched a bit. But the 'Do it like the Mafia' plan doesn't fail if well prepared... The targeting only changes... Instead of only pursuing wealth and local power, with the same plan you will conquer the world and you will…”

Lansky stopped the apology somewhat abruptly, which they forced him to give. He remained speechless for a few moments and looked at the audience carefully, reflecting on how hostile the content was. He weighed his thoughts for a moment and decided to share more with them, maybe he will win them over. Some of the many, where Rothstein his mentor, she had confided in him:

– “And yet gentlemen... There was someone who implemented the plan I am developing for you. And he came very close to success, a few decades ago. But some deadly sins, they deprived him of staying in power. Unfortunately for all of us, implemented the measures itself and only cooperated with a few states. He made the wrong blackmails and made excessive use of weapons…”

– "You tell us about Hitler;”, he was interrupted by the guy with the luger.

– "Exactly", Lansky replied with satisfaction at the rare glimpse from such an audience.

– "And what do the Nazis have to do with the mobsters and the things you've been teasing us with for so long;”, the fitter rumbled rudely.

– "Adolfos followed, even with omissions, plan, from this pedestal I develop you... Reduce the population with the eugenics program, the battles and the concentration camps. Deal with dissidents and traitors like Stauffenberg with an iron fist. It emerged through organization and utilized its resources…”

– "What an organization that failed; His leadership skills stood him out and he motivated his people properly.”, the trained one interrupted him again with the same rudeness.

– "Don't be naive...", Lansky decided to risk a more forceful response. “Where did he get the money to build the most expensive war machine of all time; From a defeated country, which owed in reparations even the last liter of beer it had in its barrels; Or maybe Hitler, a mere corporal, he rose from the masses because he was an orator; Better look for what Thuli was."

His last sentences, they got the audience thinking. The silence that prevailed for a few moments, Lansky took advantage of it to advance his speech:

– "After the preparation stage, entire countries will be made up of our extended family, armies of destitutes, security forces and politicians – puppets. The middle classes who will have ruled, under our own instructions of course, they will make it worse and worse. People will stop engaging in politics and become disillusioned, he will resent. Thus, the reversal will not happen suddenly, neither will the implementation of the dictatorial measures have been carried out by us. And at the right time, the cue will be given for the stage of execution.”

– "What a moment and what a slogan;”, someone in the audience jumped.

– "There are some time windows where the sun's activity intensifies, while faults are created in the earth's magnetic field. It is a phenomenon with a relative periodicity over the centuries. The climate is changing, people's health is shaken, geophysical disasters happen. According to the biblical expression that is, earthquakes, devouring epidemics... These are unique opportunities that we can take advantage of for the overthrow. As we have attracted politicians to our large family for years, media and scientists it will not be difficult to convince people that he is responsible for what, what's wrong with him.

– "So you want to tell us that there will be an earthquake, a fire or a drought and we will succeed in convincing people that their behavior is to blame;”, asked someone in the audience.

– "Exactly! Of course the climate is changing. It's always changing.", explained the mobster. "In fact, the landscape we live in now is being shaped by climate change. But we will emphasize the negatives, that will sound like threats. And the big global problems will be taken over by supranational organizations. We will make the world accept laws and constitution infringement for the common good, just as Adolphus did. Except that unlike Hitler's occupation, the outcasts of society will no longer be the ones who collaborated with him, but those who will react. Those who will deny our truth. The rest will voluntarily accept or be blackmailed into consuming our own medicines and our own foods for their own good. Thus the population will decrease bloodlessly, without weapons and invasions.”

– “And how will he be blackmailed into obeying our orders without the use of weapons; In the Führer's empire there was also an mp-40", he was interrupted by the guy in the military uniform.

– "The taxes that will be imposed to protect the environment, they will make it unprofitable for someone to own a car, home, even children. The arable land, the food companies will have passed into our hands and real hunger will be an ace up our sleeve. With bankruptcies we will be able to cause, we will impose electronic money to have full control of the transactions as well. In these conditions, criminals will thrive and we will overemphasize their activity. For which of course, the solution will be to increase surveillance. Now you understand blackmail; Without own residence and transportation, confinements in tight urban centers and policing, on a meager salary based on benefits, the world will become a helpless pawn in our hands. A unique number that will only exist if it is obedient.

– "And it's smart to cause bankruptcies so we can lose everything too, what we have laboriously collected;”, asked someone with a cane and glasses from the audience.

– "We will know when this will happen and we will have taken our measures", Lansky replied confidently. "After a while we will come to the fore as saviors, in a situation where it will not be obvious that we created it. The politicians will have been hounded for the deadlocks they caused. While we, in continuation of the national organizations, we will propose the establishment of a world government to solve the problems with the means at our disposal. Με έναν Βασιλέα και εσάς για έπαρχους. Πάντως είτε πετύχει το σχέδιο, είτε αποτύχει και προσπαθήσουμε ξανά μετά από χρόνια, the low and middle members of the organization should be exterminated. Thus an attempt against us will not be able to be organized in the first instance, ούτε θα αποκαλυφθεί το σχέδιο στη δεύτ…”.

Δεν πρόλαβε να ολοκληρώσει την πρόταση κι ένας καταιγισμός από ερωτήσεις και σχόλια, πνιγμένα στο θυμό από τους σύνεδρους, σκέπασαν τη φωνή του:

“Α μπα; Παίζει και να αποτύχει το τέλειο σχέδιό σου επιστήμονα;”

“Έπαρχοι;;; Δηλαδή κάτι σαν βλαχοδήμαρχοι;;;”

“Και αν δεν προλάβουμε ρε μισοριξιά να ανέλθουμε τα επίπεδα, θα βρουν εμάς σε χαντάκι;”

“Και ποιος θα είναι ο Βασιλέας δηλαδή; Μήπως προορίζεις το τομάρι σου για το αξίωμα;”

Ο γυμνασμένος με τα μπράτσα, ο τύπος με το χακί και οι υπόλοιποι, για δεύτερη φορά μέσα σε λίγα λεπτά, πετάχτηκαν από την θέση τους και κατευθύνθηκαν προς το βάθρο. Η ασφάλεια αυτή την φορά δεν στάθηκε ικανή να συγκρατήσει το μαινόμενο πλήθος. Ο Λάνσκι σκέφτηκε να δραπετεύσει αλλά ούτε η ηλικία του επέτρεπε διασκελισμούς, ούτε η έξοδος βρισκόταν στο πίσω μέρος της αίθουσας. Δυστυχώς γι’ αυτόν, he had to push through the congressmen coming at him to get to the door. He was content to utter words of despair and compromise, extending his arms protectively:

“Δεν είναι τόσο άσχημα όσο νομίζετε. Θα έχετε κι εσείς εξουσία και χρήμα που θα διατηρηθούν για πάντα. Θα συνεχίσετε το όραμα του Αδόλφου…”

Τα καθησυχαστικά λόγια του δεν στάθηκαν ικανά να σταματήσουν την επέλαση των αγροίκων του συνεδρίου. Έπιασαν τον μικρόσωμο μαφιόζο από τα προτεταμένα χέρια του, τον σήκωσαν ψηλά και τον οδήγησαν προς την έξοδο. Την ομάδα που κουβαλούσε τον Λάνσκι, ακολούθησε και το υπόλοιπο πλήθος, με βρισιές, γιουχαΐσματα και χαχανητά. Αυτός κουνούσε όσο μπορούσε χέρια και πόδια προσπαθώντας να απελευθερωθεί, χωρίς καμιά ελπίδα. Την κακήν κακώς εκπαραθύρωσή του από το συνέδριο, προσπάθησε να αποσοβήσει ο Λάνσκι με τις τελευταίες προτροπές:

“Σταματήστε… Ακούστε με… Ίσως και να μην χρειαστεί να περιμένετε μέχρι τα χρονικά παράθυρα. Θα μπορείτε να τα εξομοιώσετε μόνοι σας με την τεχνολογία. Νέες ανακαλύψεις έρχονται, το διάστημα θα σας ανήκειΤα μέσα ενημέρωσης θα φέρνουν την καταστροφή που θέλετε… Αφήστε με κάτω να σας εξηγήσω…”

Δυστυχώς για τον διανοούμενο μαφιόζο, οριακά άκουγαν τις φωνές του οι σύνεδροι μέσα στον πανζουρλισμό. Έφτασαν στην έξοδο και τον εκσφενδόνισαν από τις σκάλες, χωρίς κανέναν ενδοιασμό για την ηλικία και τον σεβασμό που ενέπνεε στην άλλη πλευρά του Ατλαντικού… Επτά μήνες μετά, ο Λάνσκι έμελλε να αφήσει την τελευταία του πνοή, σε στενό οικογενειακό κύκλο, στην έπαυλή του στη Φλόριντα. Η επίσημη ιατρική διάγνωση ήταν καρκίνος του πνεύμονα, που αν και τον ταλαιπωρούσε για μια δεκαετία, δεν είχε καταφέρει μέχρι τότε να τον καταβάλει. Λίγοι γνώριζαν ότι την χαριστική βολή δεν την έδωσε η ασθένεια, αλλά η στενοχώρια για το μεγαλόπνοο σχέδιό του που δεν είδε να γίνεται πράξη.

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    1. Νίκος Μαρινόπουλος

      Πολύ ενδιαφέρον θέμα και ένας ύφος γραφής που σε κάνει να θες να ρίξεις κλεφτές ματιές στην παράγραφο που έπεται.

      1. Thank you for your kind words, μου δίνουν θάρρος για την επόμενη προσπάθεια

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    1. Thank you… Κοίτα αν θες και το σχόλιο με τις ομιλίες Κένεντυ και Καποδίστρια


    Το Σχέδιο της ΝΤΠ και όπως περιγράφεται στα ¨Πρωτόκολλα των Σοφώ της Σιών.

  3. Κωνσταντίνος Σταθόπουλος

    Δραματικά αληθινό. Απλά συγχαρητήρια

    1. Μικρές ιστορίες με μεγάλη φαντασία (όταν η πραγματικότητα δεν την ξεπερνά). Thank you for your kind words…

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