Hell-heaven. A love road

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In the depths of the night,
in her repulsive silence,
loneliness is suffocating me,
and traps me mercilessly
p’ a world without light,
p’ a cold world.

I'm desperately searching for the light,
the warmth of love.

Alone I walk the streets of despair,
with my arms empty,
my heart dark,
my mind lost.

Looking for a hug,
voice that speaks sweetly to me,
hands waiting for me,
eyes that see me.

And when the sun rises,
and the night flies away,
in the dawn of love,
my soul finds its homeland,
the land of peace.
There, in the arms of my beloved,
loneliness is dying,
and my heart breathes free.

So I continue my journey,
with love driving me.
I don't feel lonely anymore,
because in her warm embrace,
I find that strength,
which never dries up and
makes me believe that
life is wonderful
and the future will only offer me beautiful gifts.

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