The tailor's monologue


Two middle-aged men drink champagne and look cheerful, almost tucked into black leather armchairs. The one, with sporty everyday clothes, he sits with his mouth half open, listening to his interlocutor. Sometime he nods, Sometime he smile, sometime he opens his mouth completely, risking contact with suspended dust particles and insects. But he doesn't utter a word. THE …

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The Hamburg syndrome

The Hamburg syndrome

At the medical conference in Hamburg, the coordinator prefaced Mr.. Ellerwein, doctor and author of the book entitled: ‘On the threshold of eternal life’. Next to the podium of the speaker was the organizing committee and behind it a board where the title of the conference was written in big letters: Extension of life – Probability or Utopia; THE …

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The cabrio red Buick


Through the fog glasses, the tops of the mountains, sprinkled with last night's snow, look imposing, inaccessible and foggy. But as I cross the endless straight lines of the plain, they are becoming more and more visible. Less spooky, more passable. You are confident that you are capable of climbing them. But you are not, the senses once again deceive you… The big ones …

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The Persecutors


There, central of the Grecos, there has been no judge for years. Law was self-judgment and everyone did whatever he wants. They stole other people's horses and trampled the fields. They stole what they found from foreign carriages and houses, teased foreign women, while they did not hesitate to take out their guns and shoot. The situation was out …

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Keyhole stories - Microstories social networks

Microstories social networks

– “Yes, he is in social networks… I sent you his fb account, log in and see what kind of guy he is… You will learn everything about him in 10 Minutes... If you like him, I will bring you in contact with him...” – “Yes just a mom… eh eh eh is written with y or u; Oh yes… i found him… Hmmm… Nice smile…” – “Emm yes… good …

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