A walk in Paris

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Buzz : The lovers go on a trip to Paris, in the city of light… Sachlamares… If you throw away your hat for travel, you go anywhere unconditionally… Even by road… To be exact 1300 km by boat and many more by bus. Stopover on the way to Turin and come on to Lucerne. And 5 years to be, about Paris you have heard (logical since there is also the European Disneyland). Some suggestion from which attraction to start;


They come to mind as a storm of ideas. But let's go educational first… Louvre, perhaps the most famous museum in the world. Reasonable, since they have exhibits from all over the world. Separate rooms for Greece, Egypt and other countries. Yes, Aphrodite of Milos and the Victory of Samothrace are there (The statues behind thieves…). And Da Vinci's Mona Lisa is there. She and others 35000 exhibits… Well read, you want some months to study ιο A more enjoyable study nevertheless offers the museum of science and technology (Many European cities have something similar, a similar effort exists from some cities in Greece, see here). Experiments and exhibits from various fields: electronics, physics, cars, space etc.. Really very beautiful and interesting. You are tired of the positive sciences and want something more artistic; Montmartre is waiting for you. Cable car and… more itinerant painters than anywhere else. Very picturesque part of Paris.

The second thing a child can know 5 years after Disneyland is the Eiffel Tower. Its iron tower 1889. With three internal levels accessible by stairs or lift with souvenir and restaurant. As in any attraction in Paris, so here too, endless queue to get up and a hefty ticket. At least the arch of triumph can be seen from a short distance without a ticket which is built in 1806 for the victories of Napoleon.

A paragraph of history

At least Napoleon was a great mercenary and contented himself with an arch of triumph, but something kings, content only with their blue blood, lived in Versailles. 20000 workers had to fix it and it has 700 rooms. No, the kings of France were not so fruitful, were simply vain and cut off from the problems of the common world for this and the French Revolution and the guillotines… Queue at the entrance of the palace, but not in the gardens which are just a vast expanse, admittedly quite caring. Except for the kings of course, A characteristic feature of the people of the time was their religious faith which in combination with the beautiful architecture and the taste result in world-class masterpieces such as the Notre Dame de Paris.. Gothic style built in 1345 wonderful and in the interior with various themes. It looks more like a museum than a church.

And after we confessed, World famous department stores such as the Galerie Lafayette to buy clothes for our Moulin Rouge. I see some of you smiling wickedly… And yet it started 1889 as a musical theater and at one time it was like a house that tolerates a lot…. But now that you have paid for a ticket, as much as to sleep 2 nights in a five star hotel, you see a spectacular show with dancers and various events but I will not tell you more… Not because I am ashamed, but because I could not fast the rest of the day to cover the show expenses and so I did not enter.


And not only would I be fasting but I would not go to Disneyland and that was not the case. With 5000 acres of land will travel you to childhood, to the Disney heroes, you will ride the trains, will offer you infinite souvenirs and a majestic chariot parade, and carnivalists with the theme of what else; The works of Disney. There is one of the wildest trains in Europe, the rocket. Also annoying queues and a special ticket to avoid them, which is probably a one-way street.


So the feeling that Paris leaves you;;; It is indeed a city of love, you want to be constantly on the streets and you are not bored. Colors, lights, Attractions all compose a climate that you are not, you leave in love…

P.S.. On the way back you can stop in an incredibly picturesque town, Lucerne, in Switzerland. Bridges, picturesque alleys and houses, Wall paintings. It is really worth a night with the above.

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